Red Bull Ring, Spielberg

The renovated Austrian racing circuit in Spielberg was officially opened on 15 May 2011. The circuit near Zeltweg, used to be known as Österreichring and then as A1-Ring, is called now Red Bull Ring after the investors. Following renovation, the energy drink company constructed a brand new recreational complex to please motorsport enthusiasts and other visitors alike.

Visitors can not only try go-karts, motorbikes, cross bikes, off-road bikes and even KTM X-Bow racing cars, but also test their driving skills in the Driving Center. Too much noise? Go for a hike in the mountains, try fishing, biking or golf – it is all possible here! The complex complies with the FIA Level 1 criteria. The first major event of every season is the DTM race on the first weekend of June, followed by the Porsche Sports Cup, the KTM races, the Ducati Speed Days and several other exciting events in the summer.

RedBull Spielberg