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Explore the beautiful Styrian landscape in a series of exciting adventures such as rafting, trail riding, steam locomotive rides, bobsledding, riding tandem or electric bikes, go-karting, quad driving, motorbiking, fishing for trout, swimming, beach activities, an excursion to the Enchanted Forest and the Adventure Park, visiting castles, off-roading at the Red Bull Ring...

The enchanted forest of Styria

Your childhood dreams will come to life! Children can meet their favourite Grimm heroes, try the longest slide of Upper Styria or pet rabbits, goats and donkeys in the petting zoo. /St Georgen ob Judenburg, 39 km/


You do not have to abandon your beloved fishing rod, just because you have your holiday at us! Fishing is allowed on a 2.5 long river section of the Mur and at the St. Georgen dam. Try your luck with a brook trout or a rainbow trout but you may even find a grayling!


Exciting rafting adventure with an experienced guide in 4 or 8-person boats. /Stadl an der Mur, 10 km/

Summer bobsled

Rush 1100 meters downhill from a height of 2000 m! /Turracher Höhe, 36 km/

Steam locomotive ride

At the sound of the whistle, the puffing, steaming locomotive leaves the station. Hundreds of visitors applaud each time the locomotive pulls out, enjoying the historical atmosphere. The cars also tell you their stories, for example about the Emperor Franz Joseph who travelled in them when arriving to Murau for his regular chamois hunts. You wave from the train, then order your first beer and enjoy the scenery… A romantic trip on a train pulled by a steam locomotive, in an enchanted land – that is what the Mur Valley Railway has been offering you since 1894.

Drive a locomotive - not for pros!

We do not know how exactly steam locomotives work, yet it is definitely worth trying to drive them at least once in your life. For a short time, you will be the proud driver of the iron horse and you will even be given your very own locomotive driving certificate! /St Lorenzen ob Murau, in the vicinity of the hotel/


Visit the museum to learn about the Murau brewery’s history of more than 500 years and the traditions of making “liquid bread”. /Murau, about 7 km/

Deer feeding

Take a pleasant walk between the spring and the autumn at the Gsotder peak where the lucky ones may spot roe deer and red deer. Feeding every evening from 6:00pm!


Indoor go-kart facility of 3000m² /Spielberg, about 65 km/

Wall climbing

An indoor facility with a total climbing surface of 600 m², 100 walls representing every level of difficulty and altogether 5000 holds. /Murau, about 7 km/


Get tanned on the free beaches of Murau or St. Georgen or discover the nearby fun pool. Whichever you choose, it will be ideal for both you and your family.

Styrian Wood Route

HOLZ und MURAU - seit hunderten von Jahren untrennbar miteinander verbunden.

Wood and Murau – they have been forming a symbiosis for hundreds of years. Wood as a natural element is one of the essential components of the local economy and culture. Something that used to be a piece of lore for generations has been revived by means of the “Styrian Wood Route”.

The Styrian Wood Route was established in 1999. At the moment it includes 70 objects in 24 villages of the Murau District, demonstrating the diversity of old and modern wooden installations in the region.

A wide variety of round trips, guided tours and professional trips are available for individuals and groups so that everybody can enjoy the particular beauty of the Wood Route.

Wood Museum

Opening times: the museum is opened between 1 April and 31 October 2015.

In April, May and October: from 10.00am to 4.00pm

In June and September: from 09.00am to 5.00 pm

Crafting activities for children (booking necessary):

From July to the middle of September, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1.00pm and 4.00pm

Please visit the website www.holzmuseum.at for further information.

Medical workshops

In the workshops of the general and orthopaedic hospital of Stolzalpe, you will find exciting memorabilia of the past and present of medical science. Guests are also allowed to try various pieces of medical equipment. The newly renovated museum, unique in European comparison, is part of the hospital complex (2nd building).

Visits and guided tours should be booked in advance. Entrance is free but you are kindly asked to make a donation.

Horse mill

The horse mill in Stadl an der Mur is operating again. Watch out for the activities and presentations that preserve and demonstrate the life of local peasants. Guided tours are available at 4:00pm every Wednesday in July and August whenever the weather allows.

Martin Zeiler path

The Martin Zeiler path was established in 1989 by the Krottendorf-Gaisfeld based sculptor Alfred Schlösser to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Martin Zeiler’s birth. The Martin Zeiler path is free for hiking. /Predlitz, about 20km/

Alpinum Frauenalpe

Search for the Alpine Garden on the Frauenalpe, at the Murauer cottage. If you are a nature enthusiast, you should not miss the diverse collection of local alpine plants!