There are several opportunities available in the Kreischberg region for hiking and trekking. Hiking enthusiasts can choose from a wide variety of hiking trails in the mountains around. You will not be able to resist the urge to take long walks and enjoy the unique local climate and clean air of the Mur valley. Check out our online map of hiking trails and make your choice from the more than 50 tours available. Download the selected tour complete with a detailed description and the relevant map.

Peak climbing
Directions: Take the Kreischberg lift to 1715m. (Opened on Wednesdays and Sundays from 9am to 4pm in July and August)
Description: Trail No. 3 or 131 of ÖAV (Austrian Alpine Club) will take you to the peak Schwarmbrunnhöhe where you should take the trail No. 132. You will hike over 7 peaks (Rosenkranzhöhe, Kirbisch, Goldachnock, Prankerhöhe, Schwarmbrunnhöhe, Ackerlhöhe) before reaching the Frauenalpe.
Duration: about 7 hours
Characteristics: Also recommended for families. Beautiful views at Murtal and Metnitztal.
Alternatives: The tour may also be done the other way round, starting from the Frauenalpe.

A hiking tour of 3-4 hours to a height of 2004m
By car: A paved mountain road leads from Murau to the big parking lot on the Frauenalpe
Directions: Take the hiking trail 109 from the Murauer Hütte to the peak.
Duration: about 2 hours
Characteristics: easy trail crossing meadows with stunning views, ideal for families.
Hütte to get refreshments: Murauer Hütte
Alternatives: You may also walk from Murau to the big parking lot, taking trail 109. It will take you about 2.5 hours of extra time.
You may combine this tour with the 7-peak hike, starting from Kreischberg.

Mountain tour to a height 1817 m.
Description: You will start from the Billa shop in Murau, on StLRWW trail 909, direction Sonnweg
Duration: 7 hours to and from
Alternatives: There is no marked path. At about 250 m from the peak of the Stolzalpe you can turn back and walk back the same way to a major junction, here take the road to the right towards Alpengasthof Maler Brands. The inn (Gasthof) is about 45 minutes from there. From the inn, you can walk to Bauernhof Perschl and then to Mehrbachersiedlung. There you should turn right and walk to Gasthof Leitner where you can take the trail 909 back to the starting point.

Mountain tour to a height of 2140 m
Directions: by car via St. Ruprecht ob Murau, follow Allgauerstrasse to the junction, then take the road on your left (it is the toll road Bauern Jogaus, you will have to pay about EUR 4). Drive 7 km after the barriers to the Jogaus Hütte and then to the Dörfler alm.
Description: follow the ÖAV trail 779 up to the peak
Duration: about 3 hours
Characteristics: a tall mountain with a particularly beautiful view
Hütte to get refreshments: Jogaus Hütte
Alternatives: There is an ÖAV hiking trail from St. Ruprecht via Bauern Sittersberger to the Dörfler-alm where it meets the ÖAV trail 799 (Trail no. 5).

We have always been focusing on helping our guests getting a true nature experience. Our region is the realm of family adventures with its gentle giants of mountains and beautiful meadows. Families can take special tours in the region which even the youngest will enjoy. Look for the following family fun trails: the Detective trail (St. Georgen ob Murau), Yabaa Dabba Doo Land (Kreischberg/ St. Georgen) and Dinopark (Kreischberg/ St. Georgen)

Take your parents to a picnic to one of our beautiful meadows. You can even order your own, ready-to-go picnic backpack at the Tourist Information Office (Tourismusverband) – you will have everything you need for a fun adventure in nature.
An idea: Have a picnic on the Kreischberg – take the gondola lift to the peak and enjoy the magnificent view.

Book your picnic backpack in time:
At Tourismusverband Murau-Kreischberg (book until 3:00pm the day before) Tel: 03537/360